AVATARThis blog is dedicated to the following 4 themes in turn.

  1. Episodes suggesting practical philosophy grounded in logic.
  2. Can Paris cure me, this fashion philistine here?
  3. Free comic strip titled’ The journey of Sweet (the bird) and Potato (the fat funny)
  4. The Third Red Apple. There may be campaigns from time to time for my graphic novel.  Check out what is the third red apple.

PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY GROUNDED IN LOGIC:   I have been in everyone’s shoes: immigrants, migrants and locals.  I was never one of those immigrants forcing their culture on the locals.  Some immigrants say it is their right, but there is another option: choosing not to exercise one’s right.  This is not a defeat, but an empathetic act of placing priority on helping the society run smoothly as a whole.  The photo of local food and flower will accompany the blogs of this theme.  Please, click HOME on the top menu or ARCHIEVES on the right-side bar.

CAN PARIS CURE ME, THIS FASHION PHILISTINE HERE?    As long as I can remember, I hated shopping for outfits despite being a girl.  My mother had to bribe me with sweet treats to get me out of the house.  But once we entered the shop, I would look around for a chair to sit down.  In my defence, I had never seen a mediocre face turn gorgeous through dressing well.  One rich woman answered in an interview that she felt beautiful when wearing Haute Couture.  Well, feeling so is very different from actually looking beautiful in others’ eyes.  So, I ditched the futile effort and focused on inside.  As the result I have been told by many to have a pleasant smile.  Whew. 

Background2I was initially hesitant to move to Paris, the capital of fashion and love … or until I found this article that said ‘50% of Parisians are single’.  Apparently they had given up on love. So I arrived expecting 50% Parisians to have stopped making efforts.  But no.  Even men dress beautiful.  I soon learnt that bosses in Paris can fire you if you are not well dressed.  Teens are bullied if not dressed in mode.  Incredible!  But it is my motto to respect the locals’ values.  Thus began my pathetic road to dressing passably well despite I am more afraid of those smiling shop assistants than dentists.  This is one fashion blog that does not lecture you, but makes you laugh.  The first post on this theme will be uploaded on the 19th April, 2015. 

THE THIRD RED APPLE:      We’re all hypocrites to some degrees, but there are those who are so good in bending the moral phrases to their advantages.  Here is an example.  You meet those smug women who give you crappy hand-made gifts claiming that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ but accept your rather expensive gifts nevertheless.  Some would even have the nerve to criticize you for your material attitude despite you had to work hard to pay for that gift.  HEADER 2

A quick-philosophy solution: Tell the hypocrite ‘Does this mean you would rather keep the card and my thoughts only and return the material gift to me?’  The hypocrite may still resist saying ‘I knew you superficial lots gave only money, not heart!’  To that why not say ‘But no one is obliged to have feelings for the hypocrites.’  This series THE THIRD RED APPLE is a graphic humour full of practical philosophical solutions with twist of fantasy and loads of history. Prince soul for facebookEach chapter (about 30 pages) will be conclusive, pretty much.  I suggest you start with short light-fun chapters Part 2 because Part 1 is more serious covering the background of each character which you might later be interested.  Part 1 shows one possible reason Bad has long existed and that Good might even need it.  But the true cause of the mankind’s misery are the third group-the hypocrites who have been hiding behind the good while surreptitiously abetting the Bad.  Goddess has labelled them ‘the third red apple’ and sent a reformed Serpent, the former resident of Eden to expose the anonymous cowards.  Serpent needs the help of The First Gold Apple, an idealist Prince who aspired to be God at the expense of others.  It would be better if The Second Green Apple was on the team, a Prince’s old friend who defied his fate and turned into devil, but as expected the devil prefers to go solo.  

Please, click any book covers on the foot bar which will direct you to Amazon Author site.  You will be able to read sample pages.  Copyright 2012-2015 by Mirror Miroir.  All Rights Reserved.


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