Part 2 Sense of Entitlement (フランス人が苦悩から得た教訓)


Spring is upon Paris.  The street vendors are selling yellow narcisss.  It’s only 2 Euros, so why not?  I thought. 

They say that the French are exclusive, but so far only the French people have been straight with me and even kind.  I had to speak some French before that happened, but the personality shift made in appreciation of my respecting their language was incredible.  Sure, the other immigrants in France speak better French than I do, but are they more respective of the French values? 

The other day, I bought some vegetables at an outdoor market.  I was rather suspicious of cheap price tags at this stall, but I was ready to comprise on quality and chose to economize.  He was not a French, but I always give everyone a chance.  The price was double to what I had expected.  The French would show me the bill, but this non-French did not.  So I pretended not to have understood French and did not pay till he showed me the bill.  When he did I took it from him and there it was.  He had sold me the double quantity of every item.  Asian immigrants would have at least asked if I wanted double the quantity with a good offer.  I paid him because I did not wish to make a fuss over a mere vegetable bill, but I pointed out to him that I had asked for 1 kilo each, not 2 kilos.  He must have sensed my contempt because he blurted out in poor English something like ‘Stupid Asians…Go back!’  Well, French people were here long before him too and there he was lowering the integrity standard of France who had adopted him. 

I don’t believe that French people resent different cultures or different religions.  It must be the sense of entitlement that they resent. 

Copyright 2009 to 2015 by Mirror Miroir/THE THIRD RED APPLE All Rights Reserved. 


野菜代くらいで騒ぐ気もなく支払ましたが恥の概念などない男の顔を見ながら怒りよりも「フランス人も苦労させられているんだなあ…」と。そして別の話を思いだしました。 私が学校で反日攻勢を受けて落ち込んでいると一人のフランス男性が声をひそめて教えてくれたのです。「フランスだって(ある)国から何度も謝罪と賠償を求められているけど突っぱねている。侵略は残酷だが人間の繁殖本能の結果なんだ。反対に侵略を跳ね返す力をつけてこなかった事も美徳ではない。甘ったれや被害者に付き合ってもきりがない。生き残りをかけて一目おかれるのは「いい人」ではなく「強い国」か「役に立つ国」だ。」 外交経験と苦しみが日本より遥かに長いフランス人の教訓です。 



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