The positive type of runner-ups (生存力が強いも才能のうち)

Flan abricotI mentioned in my previous post the people who are perpetually over-shadowed by their more successful neighbours or sometimes their own comrades.  Bitterness is hidden behind their mask of niceness.  However, their inferior complex takes solace in racism.  The questionable type of runner-ups I have so far known they condescendingly squeeze money from the people they deem to be lower in the social scale.  They must have been successful in it to be repeating it, but the price has been ‘baseness’ being added to their smile. 

But today I wish to talk about the other type of runner-ups, those who are respected, even by the winners.  They quietly look happy and keep to themselves, never lecturing anybody on being superficial or whatever.  Like the happy people usually are, the respected runner-ups feel no need to seek solace in racism.  What makes them different from the hypocrite runner-ups?  

Patisserie Stohrer is one of hundreds of bakeries in Paris that needs no introduction.  It has history going back to the time of Louis XV.  But close by to this star patisserie, is a small ‘Boulangerie Blouet, 4 rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002, 01-40261204.’  It may lack the glamour of Stohrer, but the baguettes are better.  I am addicted to their Flan Abricot (Custard tart with apricots) and apparently so do many Parisians because this tiny shop is always packed.  There is a note in the shop that says Mr. Blouet, the name of the shop, was the man who invented the first crusty baguette blanche, not the traditional chewy ones.  If my French was better I could tell you if the shop is related to him, or just honoring his name.  Anyway the moral of the staff is always joyous and the chef seems to be beaming with pride when his prize baguettes are brought out from the kitchen.

Then it dawned on me.  Like the people in this happy shop, the respected runner-ups really enjoy what they do.  Money never never seems to be their primary interest.  I thought the sour runner-ups turn to money to compensate for their frustration, but maybe it was the other way around.  Perhaps, they chose to use their gift for money.  Therefore when they have lost, the sour runner-ups need to take it out on somebody and turn self-righteous to hide their bitterness.  This may be why those hypocrites can sometimes cheat, bend the rules, etc. and still appear smug clutching the trophy money and even a gold medal they do not really deserve.  If you really loved what you do, a mock victory could not possibly please you.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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「何かしてあげたくなる」と相手に思わせるのも才能。古代ローマ前にエトラスカンという日本人とよく似た民族がいて文明を持たないローマ民族に技術を教えて生活を楽しもうとしました。技術を吸収しきったローマ民族は後にエトラスカンを追いやり現存する歴史建築などもローマ人発明と歴史を書き変えて今に至ります。イタリアの一部の奥まった村に追いやられたエトラスカンの末裔を3年前に訪ねてみましたが穏やかで騙そうとしない人たちで通常のイタリアで必要な警戒心が無用の地でした。日本の将来の姿かもしれない…あの時生じた疑念が消えるどころかますます強くなります。生存する生命力は日本人の方が某国より弱いかもしれない。そう気づいた私は某国のクラスメイトに これ以上洗脳される前に休学届を出したのでした。夏に再登校するまで暫くは写真で紹介した庶民派の安くて美味しいパン屋のアプリコット・カスタード・パイでも買いに通うとしますか。

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