Part 1 of Discrimination around me (私の身の回りの差別第一回)

To be fair, some Australians have tried to befriend immigrants.  They are the reasons that kept my hope alive.  However, some immigrants are surprisingly full of sense of entitlement and demand more privileges.  Immigrants blame the Australians for not respecting their culture while the Australians feel theirs that has been passed down from the British ignored.  

But after living in a multi-national society for years I might say that it is not about culture at all.  You can enjoy a culture, but you can still detest the people who created it.  There have been millions of culture exchange events and friendly games that sent people to euphoria but on the following day hate and disdain returned to rule the reality.  Some even stole other people’s culture and would pass it on as theirs.   

Darwin AirportFirst thing you notice after you step out of your plane will be distinct aboriginal arts pretty much everywhere.  You would think as Australians had embraced the aboriginals’ culture, they were friends.  Not according to the Aboriginal people and that should have been the cue for me to go instead of staying on in Sydney when Asian pop culture became popular.  Modern Chinese and Japanese restaurants opened up every week.  

I was an immigrant who tried to respect Australians and their ways.  Even when I was verbally abused by an Australian racist stranger, I gave up my seat on the bus for him having noticed that he needed a stick to support himself.  Partially out of empathy, but I also had my standard to maintain.  He did not thank me, but took the seat.   Short while later he was mumbling ‘The government will clean up this place.  Go back to where you came from.’  Everyone was indifferent except this one teenager girl who smiled at me apologetically.  To me that was enough reward for the seat I gave up.  Small as it was, the accumulation of my efforts was supposed to make some difference.  Little did I know my Australian neighbours would gang up to swindle money out of me.   To be continued to Part 2.


だけど長年の結論として文化などぶっちゃけ関係ないのです。いいなと思う文化でも造った民族は嫌いというのはあり得ます。文化交流とか親善試合とか何千回と催され一時は世界は友達!と舞い上がっても翌日には嫌悪と軽蔑が人々を現実に引き戻してきました。中には他の民族の文化をぱくり自分達の文化として通そうとする民族もいます。 海外だから寿司を日本人以外が握ってもばれませんが、問題を起こした時だけ日本人の責任にするのは困ったもんです。





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